Fed up by the rise in health concerns and inspired by a passion for natural lifestyles, Rachel and Jackie came together to develop a brand that would challenge the status quo. They envisioned a natural revolution that would change the way people approached their day-to-day life. A company built on a health-focused foundation that offers a chemical-free product option to everyone. An enterprise that not only educates the public on the benefits of chemical-free products, but also empowers people to make informed decisions. This inclusive philosophy also speaks to Everybodi’s commitment to give back to the community. Everybodi’s partnership with the Melbourne-based charity Anonymous X allows the brand to help those experiencing homelessness in and around Melbourne.

“Making natural and giving back the norm, not the exception”

Rachel and Jackie’s passion for all-natural products and giving back drove them to start Everybodi and these values became the pillars of the company. With diverse backgrounds and skill sets between them, their stories shaped what Everybodi is today. When dreaming up Everybodi, a lot of thought was given to the name of the company. Rachel and Jackie knew that they wanted to create something that appeals to everyone. The company’s name needed to reflect how each person can make a positive impact, but together, every person’s impact is amplified.

“We believe that the right changes in your life, change your health and change your future.”

It’s not everyday that you meet someone with whom you instantly click. It’s even more rare to find that you share the same birthday as that person! Jackie and Rachel met through their respective partners in 2013 and quickly bonded over their love of fitness, health, travel and charity work. They became each other’s reality checkers, allies against partners (sorry, boys) and bridesmaids. The two have been inseparable ever since.

In due time, Jackie and Rachel took their inseparability to another level when Jackie and Fabien (her husband) moved in with Rachel and Daniel (her husband) for two months whilst travelling between Asia and Europe. It was during this two-month period that Jackie and Rachel hatched a very bright idea.

“We want to look back and be proud that we have contributed to making people healthier and lives better. We want to create a movement where people have the option to choose a natural alternative for any product they use on their body and in their home and where it’s an everyday part of life to give back.”

Rachel and Jackie shared a dream. They wanted to share their knowledge of toxic products and their links to disease with as many people as they could. They also wanted to give back to the community on a larger scale.

Business minded, methodical and passionate, Rachel and Jackie decided to create a business around products that would be attractive, accessible and affordable. All without compromising on quality, ethics or health.

Over the last six or so years, Jackie and Rachel have educated themselves on the toxic chemicals that are sometimes hidden in our skincare and household products by corporations who are depriving us of quality. The use of chemicals also often leads to animal testing to ensure that these substances are ‘suitably’ non-toxic to humans.

“Our duty to each other as humans is to create a system in which we take care of one another”

Everybodi exists because everyone deserves to have a natural option for products used on their bodies and in their homes. The ‘natural’ space is littered with fine print of what actually is defined as ‘natural’, so Everybodi has done the work and left out the toxins so you don’t have to think about it. We are absolutely transparent about everything that goes into our products. Every one of our ingredients (and their benefits) are listed on our packaging and on our website.

Everybodi was established in 2016 in Melbourne. It has quickly grown to a national brand. Everybodi has its eyes set on international growth, so that it can give back to even more communities across the world where Everybodi products are sold.

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