“How 2 Mum’s from Melbourne Discovered the Secret Formula Pregnant Women Desperately Wanted to Avoid Stretch Marks During Pregnancy”

Hey there,

It’s Jackie here from Everybodi…

A few years ago, whilst travelling through Northern Vietnam with my Husband on our Honeymoon… we stayed with locals at a home stay.

Upon arriving, the woman who owned the hut gave me a massage. She rubbed my skin with an abrasive compound, and afterwards, it left my skin feeling absolutely incredible.

I had no idea what the compound was… but I was curious.

……It was there I made a discovery that would change the lives of pregnant women around the world forever.

The next day, when I met the daughter of the woman that owned the hut we stayed in, I was totally blown away.

She had the biggest pregnant belly I’d ever seen… yet not a single stretch mark.

I literally couldn’t comprehend it. 

When I asked her how this was possible… she muttered “Mum’s Scrub” in broken English… and showed me the exact compound that her mother had used to massage me.

Turns out it was made from ground coffee… of all things.

At this point, I knew I’d made a massive discovery.

So to cut a long story short, I took a sample home to Australia with me, had it lab tested… and started the process of creating The World’s First Anti Stretch Mark Body Scrub.

I realised that the compound contained a secret combination of Magnesium, Coffee and natural oils that helped to rehydrate the skin and repair damage that was caused when the skin had dried out.

When I started creating the formulation, I got my friend Rachel involved. She was sceptical it could prevent stretch marks, but instantly loved the way it made her skin feel, so she jumped on board and got involved.

Together, we’ve created Everybodi – because we truly believe that every pregnant woman, and everybody for that matter, needs our scrub.

When Rachel was pregnant with her first son Xavier, she used the scrub right through her pregnancy and didn’t get a single stretch mark.

When I was pregnant with my first son Leo, I did the exact same thing and also got no stretch marks.

We are so confident of the results that our EverybodiA20 scrubs produce that we want to announce the 

World’s First Anti Stretch Mark Guarantee…

Use our scrub daily throughout your pregnancy and for 3 months after, and if you get so much as a single stretch mark…. we will refund all of your money.

That’s how confident we are about the results our EverybodiA20 scrubs produce.

So… what does our Scrub actually contain?

Well, firstly – all ingredients are 100% natural and vegan.

We use a patented combination of ingredients that includes:

– Arabica Coffee

– Raw Cacao

– Magnesium Chloride

– Magnesium Sulphate

– Essential Oils

We can’t wait for you to experience the power of the EverybodiA20 scrubs!