Everybodi has partnered with Anonymous X - a Melbourne based charity that provides support for people in and around Melbourne who are experiencing homelessness. They are a great, self funded, group who not only provide practical support to the homeless through donations of essential items but they are raising awareness around the issues of disadvantage.

The work undertaken by Anonymous X includes:

Outreach Assistance – supporting those experiencing homelessness and disadvantage through the supply of clothes for men and women, children and babies, to essential items like toothbrush/toothpaste, non-perishable food, water, eating utensils, hand sanitiser, shampoo/conditioner as well as blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, kids toys etc…

Organisational Assistance – working collectively with other small groups, not for profits and charitable organisations such as homeless crisis support agencies and refuge accommodations to provide donations of essential items on a regular basis.

Raising Awareness – contribution to a growing body of discussion around the issues of disadvantage through: public forums, online blogs, newsletters, social media and talkback radio.

On any given night, 1 in 200 people in Australia are homeless, many of which have experienced severe trauma resulting in their disadvantage.

Two out of three people are turned away from crisis accommodation because there is no room. Many end up living in shabby and unsafe boarding houses, caravans, squats and cars, or sleeping on the street.

The reasons for homelessness are many and varied and each individual’s path to homelessness is different and unique. Homelessness is often the end point to a series of unfortunate life events.

Women make up close to half the homeless, many of which have young children and nearly half of all homeless are under the age of 25. Domestic and family violence is the biggest single contributor to homelessness. Other major contributors are poor mental health, family breakdown, debt, poverty, lease expiry, violence and abuse, chronic gambling, substance addictions and leaving state care or prison.