5 Myths about Stretch Marks to Stop Believing

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Stretch marks happen to almost every woman at some point in our lives. Sometimes they fade away, sometimes we get new ones. But they’re nothing to fear or be embarrassed about. Let me share with you the truth about the top five myths you’ve heard about stretch marks as well as give you some helpful tips to get smoother skin … Read More

Jaffa Bliss Ball Recipe

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Did someone say Jaffa Bliss Balls? One of the greatest ways you can share with others is with food. Technology has come a long way but we still haven’t figured out how to send food through the internet. So, we thought we’d do the next best thing and share with you our totally healthy Jaffa Bliss Ball recipe inspired by our delicious … Read More

Toxic ingredients to avoid using on your skin!

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Have you ever used a product that actually made your skin worse when it had claimed it could fix it? It probably contained toxic ingredients and you’re not alone. Labels on cosmetics and body care products are not always what they seem. The beauty industry is still really unregulated which leaves a lot of room for companies to make, almost, … Read More

Are peel off masks really that good for your skin?

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Nod your head if this sounds familiar… you’re scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, loving pictures of luxurious spa treatments and beautiful bathrooms posted by your favourite brands (ahem @everybodi.co) and before you know it you can’t peel (pun intended) your eyes away from a video of someone peeling a mask off their face. Yep! We’ve all been there! These super … Read More

6 Tips to Get The Most Out of Your Run

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Whether you are stepping out for your first run or are already in a regular cardio routine and looking to challenge yourself, here are a few tips you can follow to help you get the most out of your run. 1. Plan it Write down your daily goals and track your performance! This, may sound like complicating the simple joy … Read More